Frequently Asked Questions


Right now, it is more likely that you are being served under your utility’s default or basic supply service.  That means your utility supplies and delivers your energy, and sends you the bill each month. Ontario and Alberta put the idea of energy restructuring into practice in 2002. Therefore, you have the option to choose who supplies your electricity and what you pay for it.

Restructuring is the process by which governments remove, reduce, or simplify restrictions with the intent of encouraging efficiency and competition in markets. Competition compels the utilities to push for better energy deals on the bigger platform and improve efficiency of the processes.

Energy supplier, provider, and retailer are the same terms, used interchangeable across the energy market. With Alberta and Ontario’s deregulation, comes in competition, with competition enter the suppliers/ electricity retailers. They shop for energy in the open market and compete with other suppliers to sell it to you.

Natural gas is traded in the open market, just like any other commodity. Dream Energy works with all the retailers/supplier in Ontario or Alberta’s competitive energy market. These suppliers hedge in advance and we negotiate to procure the lowest supply price for your business. They gain from market fluctuations and we negotiate the lowest rate based on your business’s usage portfolio to pass on the savings to your bottom line.

We offer a complimentary bill audit and no obligation quote with unlimited questions and meetings to be sure you are empowered to make the right decision for your business. In the end when you decide to switch, you still don’t pay us a dime for our services as we are paid a standard fee, directly from the supplier that you decide to go with. This helps us work truly for the customer, providing unbiased advice.

After you decide to switch to a supplier for the supply portion of your bill, you still continue to receive your bill from Enbridge or Union Gas. Yes, how awesome is that! All the suppliers work within the realm of the Ontario and Alberta’s Energy Board, the utilities, and the government. Therefore, you don’t receive separate bills. The delivery charges on your bill will be passed through with no markup as they are charged by Enbridge or Union Gas. For the supply portion, you would see a line item with your supplier’s name and the fixed rate we negotiated for you. To know more about all the line items on your gas bill, check out our blog post here. For further questions and to get your no obligation quote, contact us today.

We at Dream Energy love this question as this question almost always comes up in conversations and meetings with clients. We provide you with all the tools possible to educate you about your current usage, price, and other charges, while presenting to you a historical rate analysis for your business specific utility. We then prepare projected savings sheet with numbers for your understanding. The next best part, we send you to the Ontario Energy Board’s compare bill tab to play around at your leisure. You enter your average usage (we supply your usage file received from your utility), negotiated supply rate, and other charges depending on your utility to get a real time estimate of your bill line items with your utility v/s with utility and supplier. Our clients love the comparison within the regulated and deregulated territory. To get the process started, contact us today.

Yes, you as a business owner have the choice to choose between different retailers and the pricing they offer. You are no longer bound to pay the variable/floating market rate with your utility. Let us start by understanding the key players that make up the energy market.

The Generators They produce the energy used to power your business.

The Utility: They deliver the energy to your business, respond to emergencies, and handle delivery related billing.

The Suppliers/Retailers/Providers: With Ontario and Alberta’s deregulation, comes in competition, with competition enter the suppliers/ electricity retailers. They shop for energy on the open market and compete with other suppliers to sell it to you.

The Brokers/Consultants: That’s us! We audit your energy usage and consumption, prepare an energy plan and based on your usage and energy futures, negotiate the lowest contractual pricing plan on your behalf. After procuring the lowest rates for your business, we recommend the best option for you. We also facilitate the contract process between you and the supplier and provide lifelong energy consultation.

No. Electricity is a commodity and the power supplied to your business is the same from one retailer to the other. Therefore, there is not a difference and it is an apple-to-apple comparison unless one provider is selling green energy.

At Dream Energy, we understand that each business has different use, want, and need for power. Based on your unique needs, we procure unique options for you. Our certified business energy professionals save you the hassle of contacting multiple retailers and negotiating your business specific electricity plan.




It is easy – Call us at 833-YOUR-NRG (968-7674) and be sure to have a copy of your most recent utility bill handy or email us your electricity bill to to get the process started.

Our business energy professional will audit your bill and based on your business usage and existing energy market trend, negotiate the best electricity plan on your behalf. We then provide our recommendation and electricity proposal for your business within 6 business days.

if you decide to switch, you will sign the supplier agreement and the your electricity will be switched on the next available meter read date of the specific meter read date agreed upon in the agreement.

You will continue to receive your bill from the utility with the supply line item on your bill mention the new supplier name and price.

At Dream Energy, certified business energy professionals work diligently to negotiate lowest rates from multiple providers. They are knowledgeable about the current energy market and energy market futures. Based on their experience, they recommend the best provider and plan for your business.

Your business is unique, and so is your energy consumption, therefore, we tailor the pricing based on your business needs. Below are the different price plans available with our suppliers and based on your business, we recommend one of these plans:

Fixed Rate Plan – This plan easily lets you plan each month and does not give you surprises each month. Based on the current market trend you can choose to lock in your supply price for up to five years with one of the fixed-price plans. This plan is recommended for businesses who want to budget better and cannot afford to see sudden monthly hikes in their bill, mitigate risk due to market volatility, and protect their upside.

Partial Hedging Rate Plan – This plan is best suited for businesses who prefer to use the market pricing for a portion of their usage and lock in a fixed rate rate for the other portion of their bill. If the market pricing is up for a certain month, a higher rate is charged, or when the market rate is low, they can avail lower pricing (for the variable portion of their usage). The portion of usage agreed upon for fixed, pays the fixed agreed upon rate throughout.

Whatever your business needs are, Dream Energy will procure a plan for you.

No, Dream Energy earns a standard commission from the retailers. The customer does not pay us a fee. This enables us to work for our clients and provide them unbiased advice.

No, nothing about how your energy service is delivered will change. Your local utility company will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, service emergencies, handle all customer questions, and send your monthly energy bill.

Your energy will continue to be delivered by your local utility company. If you experience outage or emergency, please contact your local utility company. If you have any issues with your retailer/supplier that you chose through us, contact us via phone, or e-mail.

At Dream Energy we value and strive for long term relationships but if at any point you want to cancel receiving energy related material from us, please send us an email or call us and we will unsubscribe all future communication. We provide no obligation pricing, so at any point after a bill audit, you are not bound to sign an agreement.

If for any reason, you want to cancel services with the current retailer/supplier, call or email us and we can send you the paperwork accordingly. Please note that some providers’ fixed products may include an early termination fee, which will be mentioned on your agreements Terms of Service.

At Dream Energy, we believe in developing and maintaining client relationships and fighting to get our clients the best energy plans. We offer Price Beat Guarantee* for any written offer and offer complimentary lifelong energy consultation. Our certified business energy professionals are your single point of contact for all your questions and Dream Energy Solutions is your one stop shop for all business energy needs.

We protect your upside and manage the downside by offering tailored plans specific your business electricity needs.