We asked, you responded and here is our response back, right at you! What do I do as an Energy Consultant? What value do we truly offer?


Brace yourselves for some fun fact check when our founder, Sanjana K Bansal’s connections on LinkedIn were asked about the first thing that comes to their mind when they hear her say that she is an ‘ENERGY CONSULTANT’.

We thank everyone who indulged us with some fun responses on LinkedIn, texts, emails, and phone calls! We hope to return the favor by clearing the air.


“I think of REIKI. All the energy that surrounds Sanjana complements reiki”


To that our founder responds, ‘Thank you, I know I am overenthusiastic (if that’s even possible) but imagine me channeling all this energy towards working for YOU, as your energy broker!’




NAH, we aren’t truly mobsters but really like to think we are, while negotiating the best electricity and natural gas pricing for our clients.


“Consulting – specifically for green energy and consulting for larger companies to aid in developing their workflows”


We do work with providers who offer all green or partial green energy solutions, depending on each businesses’ unique requirement – reducing the carbon footprint is always an option!

Our services and solutions are customized, tailored to your needs and wants. We do not directly aid companies to develop or restructure their workflows but essentially work with medium and large size businesses to help them stabilize and lower their energy cost. This empowers the business owner and could indirectly enhance workflows.


“Helping me understand how to use my businesses energy better”


Sure! We do offer complimentary energy consulting, suggesting best practices to help lower your demand and in turn your energy cost. For some businesses that qualify, we help curtail their cost by helping them get their operations off grid and switching to alternative backup generators. This reduces demand (kW) significantly which makes the global adjustment charge/cost go down. This also triggers an additional check mailed to you by the government for helping them maintain the supply and demand on the grid. Cha-ching!


“Someone who can help me save money on electricity!”


Bingo! Best case scenario – we save businesses lots of money, worst case – we stabilize your energy cost, and protect the upside in Ontario and Alberta’s volatile energy market.

The icing on top – In the current Ontario market as well as Alberta, we help businesses save between 15% and 40% on natural gas! Natural gas procurement has been the most successful negotiation area for businesses.


“Someone who helps businesses and building owners increase energy efficiency of their buildings”


We help businesses stabilize their energy cost and mitigate risk. We provide customized plans based on each businesses’ unique usage trend and this leads a business owner to efficiently manage their energy spend and use.


“First thought would probably be process/efficiency optimization as it relates to energy consumption”


That is perfect because we procure customized plans for businesses, giving them the option to standardize their energy spend. We also recommend best practices to help bring their peak usage down which lowers their delivery charges on bills, promoting process optimization.


I hope with this you see us as your one-stop-shop for lowering and stabilizing your commercial facility’s natural gas and electricity cost. We offer no-obligation quotes so send us a copy of your bill to info@dreamenergysolutions.ca and get on the savings wagon today.