Ontario and Alberta Energy Rates & Industrial Energy Solutions


Unique Business. Unique Usage Pattern. Unique Procurement Solutions.

Ontario boasts a great mix of industries, ranging from manufacturing to breweries to greenhouses and hospitality, and so much more. Every industry uses electricity and natural gas (when available) and for many of them, energy costs can be a significant portion of their total cost, that needs to be carefully managed to achieve a healthy bottom line.

This diversity in industries also results in unique energy utilization trends and patterns for each business, which can only be addressed by providing unique energy solutions to manage cost – one size does not fit all. Dream Energy Solutions is a licensed energy broker, helping medium and large size businesses stabilize their energy cost in Ontario. Our customer base spreads across various industries, including, but not limited to manufacturing, greenhouse growers, hotels, recreational clubs, golf courses, car dealerships/auto groups, and many more. We offer custom solutions for both electricity and natural gas. Let’s discuss briefly about some products and services we can help procure for specific client industries:


We have the ability to procure partial hedging or the ability to layer in hedges. Depending on the customer usage portfolio, we can recommend hedging their partial forecasted usage, usually between 25% and 70%, for the term length of 1 through 5 years, depending on supply and demand projections. Using hedging in layers, we can also procure a set percentage of forecasted usage for multiple different terms. For example, a customer might benefit from hedging 50% of their forecasted usages on a 3-year fixed price, hedge 25% on a 1-year fixed price and float the remaining 25% on the spot market.

Using this strategy to procure on behalf of the customer helps provide them price certainty from fixed product and cost savings from any potential downward price movement in the spot market.

One of our most popular products for the manufacturing industries and other bigger energy users is The Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) program in Ontario. This program allows the participating businesses to reduce their Global Adjustment significantly. To qualify for the program, the customers need to have their peak demand over 500kW, deeming over the threshold to be considered Class A customers.

As an illustrative example of the impact, a paper manufacturer participating in the ICI program with an average peak demand of 2 MW could see its electricity price reduced from $154 per MWh to as low as $102 per MWh. This would result in energy cost savings of up to $42,000 per month.

Food & Beverage Industry

We procure the best ‘recipe’ for the food and beverage industry, combining all the right ingredients. For our users in the food industry, the usage patterns are fairly stable, giving them various options to reduce their overall electricity cost without a long-term fixed price contract. If users in the province of Ontario qualify, they could stabilize their electricity cost, mitigate risk, and save money in the process.

The users in the food & beverage industry vary in size considerably and we are able to procure different rates for various-sized consumers. We provide consumers a complimentary bill audit, compare current rates and plans with all the available plans procures to ensure your business has the best plan that is unique to your business usage portfolio.


Energy is a significant expense for rural business owners and one of the largest farm input costs. A typical agricultural business, be it farm or greenhouse, usually has multiple meters and many different locations. We aggregate the usage and procure a single, lowest rate specially designed for farming and agricultural operations. We procure a 100% load following product to provide cost certainty so the business owner is billed at a fixed-term price for the energy used. Some of our agricultural customers also enjoy the convenience of a seasonal product while paying a slight premium for it.


The automotive customer base ranges from auto manufacturers to auto groups and individual dealerships. These may have multiple locations and the group’s their natural gas demand is just as critical as electricity. Natural Gas requirements arise from space heating in production plants, warehouses and office buildings, as well as the need to provide heat throughout the manufacturing process.

Dream Energy can help companies select the appropriate delivery rate class and choose an optimal Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ) and/or a Mean Daily Volume (MDV). Dream Energy also helps procure and offer advise on the best supply options.

Don’t See Your Industry?

No matter the industry you are in, we have a procurement option for you. You can contact us for further questions. Many medium and large sized users of electricity and natural gas favour a simple approach to their buying decisions and we remove the complication from the energy procurement process. Unlike your electricity and natural gas utility company, Dream Energy Solutions provides a customized solution for your business’s unique need and usage pattern; whether it is a short or long-term fixed price contract, a partial hedging option, and many more. Our services are complimentary, that means more money in your pocket.