Can You Negotiate Lower Pricing for Natural Gas in Ontario and Alberta?


Yes, absolutely!

As energy consultants, Dream Energy negotiates and procures best rate plans for both – electricity and natural gas.

So, for our customers, we can spread the protection-savings model across both, power and natural gas.

Ontario Energy Board sets the natural gas supply rates 4 times a year. Natural Gas market prices rise and fall based on current supply and demand. Major weather events can also affect the market price.

Similar to electricity, only the supply portion of the gas bill is open for negotiation. The process is same as well. All we need to get the process started, is a natural gas bill copy for your facility – if your facility used more than 50,000 cubic meters annually which approximately amounts to an average of $1,200 monthly, we can help you!

We negotiate and procure the lowest gas prices, and help you save money in the process. Contact us to schedule a complimentary bill audit and receive your no-obligation quote.