Hudson Energy Cease Selling in Alberta, Canada

October, 2023

Over the past few years Hudson Energy has been a trusted commercial energy supplier for businesses in Alberta, Canada. They have also been one of the many suppliers Dream Energy works with in the deregulated Canadian market. Recently, after evaluating the market design and competitiveness in Alberta, Hudson Energy made the decision to cease selling in this market.

What does it mean for Alberta businesses currently being serviced by Hudson Energy?

  1. All customers currently under contract in Alberta will be served through the end of their current agreements and no customers will be dropped because of this decision.

  2. NO Renewal Pricing will be given to customers whose contracts are up for renewal.

  3. NO new meters will be added to existing agreements.

  4. NO blend and extends will be entertained for existing agreements.

Validating the high volume of distressed calls we have received from Alberta businesses, whose contracts with Hudson Energy are up for renewal. Long story short: Yes, as an independent broker working with multiple suppliers, we can help!

Dream Energy’s customers are protected regardless as we work with multiple suppliers, servicing the Alberta market. All renewals and new business will be entertained per ‘business-as-usual’. We need a bill copy and your contract end date to negotiate the lowest energy rates with multiple Alberta suppliers. The competition between suppliers leads to the lowest rate offer for your business.

If you are an Alberta business, being serviced by Hudson Energy, looking for a new energy supplier, email us at or call us at 833-968-7674 and our Dream Team will be happy to help.