Energy Saving Tips for Car Dealerships


We love our automobiles and to satiate this appetite, auto dealerships and auto groups are buzzing on every nook and corner in Ontario. Have you ever wondered how much energy; a combination of electricity and natural gas, do car dealerships use?

On average, auto dealerships consume more energy than a typical office building and lesser energy than some of the bigger players such as a commercial bakery. A mid size dealership typically includes the main showroom, office space, and auto repair area in the back. The major energy hogs for car dealerships include, paint booths, compressors, HVAC, and lighting.

Just like any commercial building, car dealerships can also implement a few tricks and techniques to improve their energy consumption. If you own a car dealership, here are some energy saving tips from the industry experts.

Paint Booths

These are used to repair paint damages or perform a custom paint job on a vehicle. This equipment requires air pressure to spray the paint. Hence, requires energy. To keep things energy efficient, it is a good idea to check equipment for airflow capacity, control options, and always use of energy efficient bulbs for lighting.


Compressors for car dealerships vary significantly in terms of the amount of energy consumed. There are many different types that car dealerships can install and every effort should be made to research and investigate different options available. Car dealerships should constantly check their compressor to be sure they are in good working condition. Below are a few checklist items that should be made an integral part of regular maintenance:

  • Water separators are frequently emptied
  • Moving parts are well lubricated
  • Air filters are checked and replaced

Bay Doors

This equipment is never really thought of as an energy hog but the large doors that allow entry and exit of vehicles in many car dealerships consume good amount of energy. A general rule of thumb, keep these doors closed when not in use to optimally maintain energy efficiency within the facility.



Lighting is undoubtedly an important element to all businesses. Light is essential to complete daily operations and efficient lighting should be a must within all car dealership buildings. There are many different options to consider for lighting and procurement decision should be made keeping in mind the energy ratings of systems and light fixtures.


Other Equipment

Most car dealerships incorporate office spaces that include equipment such as computers, printers, dishwashers, and other miscellaneous appliances. To save energy, the common and widely talked about energy saving tips are recommended, including, turning off lights when not in use or replacing traditional on/off switch with motion sensor lights. A decision can be made to invest in newer technologies for the larger appliances that are used within the dealership building. There are many appliances that conserve energy by sensing idle time to auto shut off.


A car dealership or auto group greatly benefits from a bill audit to gauge their usage portfolio. With an established baseline for energy use, it becomes easier to understand when and how to best reap benefits of hedging; stabilized energy cost and saving money in the process. Dream Energy Solutions is your one stop shop for all commercial energy needs. Our licensed and certified energy professionals provide complimentary bill audit, and procure a no-obligation electricity and natural gas quote for your facility. Contact us today for a customized no-obligation quote and guaranteed natural gas projected savings.